iPad App Development Services for Companies

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We build awesome bespoke native apps for iPads!

We specialise in creating custom software solutions for iPads. Our development team has a breadth of experience of work with diverse industries and achieving the most challenging goals via our services.

Hire professional iPad app developers

Our software company is experienced at all levels of the software development lifecycle. Our expertise and technical skills ensure that your iPad tool will encompass robust and clear code and intuitive and attractive design. Professional developers can guarantee that in the end, you will receive a product that fits your business objectives and matches your requirements without any compromises. Creating iPad apps for years, we know how to benefit from the device capabilities and iOS technologies.
We deliver:
  • Business apps that produce results and maximises ROI;
  • Creative thinking that makes your project unique and innovative;
  • Readable and solid code that ensures powerful functionality of your software;
  • Simple but breathtaking design that engages and users.
Bespoke iPad app creation
There are numerous reasons why your business may need its own iPad application:
  • Creation of more value and involvement for your customers;
  • Automation and optimisation of your internal processes;
  • Building brand awareness;
  • Improving employees management and staff collaboration within your company;
  • Simplifying and streamlining time-consuming routine tasks or anything else.
Whatever you are aiming at, we know how to realise it in a sleek and crisp iPad software.
Our expertise
Our team has been providing iPad solutions adhering to the highest standards since we were founded in 2010. We know how to maximise iOS functionality and create complex solutions with preserved simple user interface design which ensure perfect performance and user-friendliness. As IT-experts we know how to develop iPad apps which:
  • Preserve top quality;
  • Customised to your particular industry and requirements;
  • Obtain rich functionality and all the features you want it to have;
  • Keep to your go-to-market strategy;
  • Are interactive, engaging and at the same time are easy-to-use.
Our services
We are proud to say that we are a team of reliable and responsive professionals. Our developers, designers, software engineers and project managers will be happy to assist you in your software project. We take projects both from the very scratch and those that needs improvements. Our specialists offer a vast range of services providing a full-cycle development, including:
  • A verification of your idea to ensure it is viable and will be a cost-effective investment for you;
  • A building of a robust, stable code for your iPad program;
  • A creation of a sleek and user-friendly design and intuitive navigation;
  • An implementation and, if it is necessary, design of corporate brand and full customisation to your requirement;
  • A throughout QA-testing and debugging;
  • Launch, technical support and maintenance of your bespoke software.
How iPad app development get a jump on iPhone software creation?
All in all, software development for both devices requires the same tools and SDK. The thing you should consider selecting a device you are making an app for is that developers can help you take advantage of the iPad big screen not only due larger amount of space which can contain more UI elements of both informative and functional purpose but also from its extended functionality recently implemented by Apple. Thus, besides rich imagery which can be provided on both type o devices due to the Apple’s Retina display, and besides the advantage of the screen size which encompasses more visual and functional elements, developers can help your program benefit from its multitasking. Multitasking is iPad specific UI components which include Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. This three types of multitasking allow working with different apps simultaneously what can be very handy for a business people. For instance, you can slide over a secondary app to view without leaving the one you are currently using, or you can split the view dividing the screen into two parts, or you can turn one app on the background mode while using the other. Our development team will be able to optimise your app to any of these modes preserving its usability. Such multitasking features are available only for the iOS 9 and later. If your users have earlier versions, you can still benefit from its portrait and landscape orientations, more detailed graphics, and additional Popover functionality. Popover lets our programmers improve user experience by displaying information about screen objects and a list of actions which can be performed on them, managing frequently accessed options and presenting a split view controller within the app. Of course, you the main factor you should consider is a type of the app you want to develop the more content you want to be displayed the more chances there are that it should be developed for iPad. In case if you feel that you need an iPhone app, you should know that our team can also boast good iPhone app development skills.
Our iPad app development process
UI/UX Design
Code Writing
Testing and Launch
Our development team is good at both ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ methodologies of development. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want with established timeframes and project budget, or your projects needs thorough verification and it may need additional features implementations and mobile strategy changes we select a suitable process for you which will ensure that your iPad software will fit expectations and bring desirable results.
We start our work with discussion and business analysis of your project idea. It is important to understand your industry and business goals you strive to achieve. A deep understanding of your business and our wealth of experience help us to prototype a perfect software solution for your specific needs. Our team conducts market research and study similar software solutions to deliver you a unique and at the same time, proven software solution that helps you to make a difference.
Our team put extra stress on your software design ensuring its intuitivity and attractiveness. Both of these aspects of design are essential for your program usability and efficiency. We keep to Apple’s guidelines creating airy, light, and deep user interface design preserving the content in the head, so users could enjoy seamless and beautiful design with legible and clear content so that users could see your message and provide sought reaction.
Our software engineers write a high-quality code emphasising the importance of its readability. We know that today’s world develop at incredible speed due to continuous technological progress, and one day your software will need to be updated and improved to meet your ever-growing business needs. When you purchase our code, you can be assured that when it comes time to upgrade your program any other programmer and developer will be able easily to understand it and work with it. We don’t simply solve your current problems but provide you with a scalable iPad solution, so it will be able to grow together with your business.
As professional software developers, we guarantee a quality assurance to your iPad application. QA experts start working on your projects since we agreed on your project requirements. They work to eliminate any serious bugs and avoid challenging pitfall. Testers check your software performance and usability since developers delivered you the MVP. Careful testing and thorough analysis help us to achieve greatest results and save your money on further maintenance of your app. Our team won’t leave you alone with your end product. We will help you to launch your app navigating all Apple restrictions within the shortest possible time.
Our tools

Our team is an official member of Apple Developer Program and has access to all the necessary tools provided by Apple to develop admirable applications for iPads. We primarily specialise in iOS development because it is the most stable and secure platform hence the most suitable for running business mobile. Having a Developer account allows us not only to submit native apps in the App Store but also test Apple’s beta programs, so our company can get acquainted and try Apple’s innovations even before they are launched. Such privilege helps us to keep up with times and get extra expertise. But when our programmers develop software for our customers we use only proven tools and methods to ensure the quality and efficiency of the program.


Developers have sufficient competence to benefit from Xcode to the full extent. Xcode is an official Apple’s Integrated Development Environment which allows building amazing software for all iOS devices. The latest version of Xcode has a number of features that make iPad app development easier, faster and with fewer bugs. It has a new editor extension that can perform runtime check and detect memory corruption. So our team can discover bugs and debug the program even in static code.

Objective-C and Swift

Native iPad programs can be written only with these two programming languages and our team equally well-versed in both of them. Our iOS developers started with Objective-C and quickly learnt Swift when it was released in 2014. Both of them has some advantages of usage that is why our iOS designers can use both of them to preferring one to another when it works for a code and program’s efficiency.

iOS Frameworks

Our development team also has access to the iOS frameworks which significantly reduce development time. They imply fundamental structure for greater functionality implementation in a seamless manner. The right usage of such frameworks increases software performance capabilities. Whether you need a Push Notification feature, in-App Purchase, Wallet, Geo-location, iCloud integration or anything else, our expertise will be enough to empower your iPad tool with rich and effective functionality.

Latest innovations

For the developers, it is essential to adhere to the latest technologies because they significantly increase developers’ productivity and provide them with greater capabilities. For instance, one of the latest Apple’s innovations which our developers are ready to implement in our development process is App Thinning. This innovation which includes Slicing, Bitcode, and On-demand resources, allow our developers to reduce required program storage space, increase its installation and load speed, optimise your iPad app for the App Store and to the latest iOS updates.

How to make iPad apps?

It is the best time to get started iPad app development if you don’t want to be put further behind your competitors in the marketplace. A proper iPad software will help you not only to make your own business mobile but also increase your brand awareness and productivity.
Our software app company can provide you with this proper solution. Even if you approach us with a slight idea, our team will help you to develop into project brief with the full list of specifications which match your needs and requirements.