Siavash: We were at the onset of iPad app development

Our History

Siavash was founded in December 2010 by a passionate group of freelancers who decided to unite with a common goal to bring technologies to a mass audience. Remotely, they have been working together on several projects and really enjoyed their teamwork and mutual understanding. A year of the first iPad release inspired our founders to create a company that would provide businesses with custom software for this revolutionary device. Since all of them lived in England, they decided to base the company in London and focus on the UK market. After a while, Siavash team started growing fast recruiting skilled iOS programmers, business analysts, talented designers and QA experts, and today our team has 60+ IT specialists and serve business all over the globe introducing smart iPad apps into their workflow.

Our Values

Our team is driven by a desire to add value to businesses with our iOS solutions achieving technological excellence and meeting the highest standards of integrity and quality. We work collaboratively with our customers to match their business needs perfectly. All our team members abide our corporate values which include:
  • Passion: We believe in what we do, and we do stunning iPad apps. Our team preserved the enthusiasm we had when we only began developing applications, and we won’t miss a chance to express ourselves when we think that can accomplish the task in a better way.
  • Flexibility and Transparency: Our development team utilises agile methods providing frequent deliveries, short iterations, and absolute transparency. Such approach ensures that we can adjust our process to the project’s needs and be quite responsive to your requirements.
  • Quality: We focus not only on creating a unique and outstanding experience, but we also pay a huge amount of our attention to the app quality. QA testing is a canonic part of our process, which ensures excellence in our apps’ performance, usability, look and security.