Bespoke Software for Your Unique Project

Our company is a bespoke software development agency with a track record of supplying clients with tailor-made solutions as unique as their business. We focus on ensuring our customers acquire most capacity from their software.
What We Do

We help businesses large and small to save, manage and store their data securely, efficaciously and accurately. The wide range of bespoke development understanding of the team is one of the widest in the market.

Boundless Opportunities
  • Bespoke software development. Analyse, design and develop bespoke solutions as unique as you are.
  • Cloud solutions. Build programs that scale to meet your wishes through software in the cloud.
  • Mobile apps. Deliver mobility and flexibility to your enterprise with applications to run on mobiles and tablets.
  • Web applications. Develop packages that you and your clients can access anywhere anytime.
  • Laptop software. Create laptop based software that utilises the entire capacity of the computer or mac.
  • Sharepoint applications. Increase the power of SharePoint by developing SharePoint programs.
  • Workplace apps. Adapt Microsoft office to do exactly what your enterprise needs it to do.
  • Legacy structures. Support and maintenance to broaden your legacy structures.
  • Database. Convert your big and complex excel workbooks to a robust database solution.
Our Expertise.
  • .NET: C#, .Net Core, VB.Net, Office Add-in, UWP, WCF, WPF, Windows service, Multilingual
  • WEB: ASP.Net MVC, Web services, E-commerce, PHP, HTML5, ASP.Net Web forms, SharePoint, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks, Intranet
  • MOBILE: Xamarin, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Cordova, SMS
  • LEGACY: ASP, com/dcom, VB, VBA, VBScript, ActiveX
  • DATA: SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQLite, NoSQL, MySQL, Neo4j, Oracle
  • AZURE SERVICES: web apps, web jobs, logic apps, overview, machine learning, event streaming, data store, mobile services
  • METHODOLOGIES: agile/scrum, test driven, prototype, Prince2, plan driven
  • PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • NHS: Lorenzo, RiO, SystmOne, IPM, MHCT, HoNOS, PbR
  • COUNCIL: OPENHousing, OneServe, AchieveForms, Uniform, PowerSuite
Professional Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke software programs which have been built to the specific necessities can remedy problems that ‘off-the-shelf’ programs truly can not cover. We have evolved outstanding custom programs for clients, and every case has made a big difference for that enterprise.

From Saving Cash to Optimising Techniques
Metrics Driven Production
Software for Resale
Systems Integration
Years of Expertise in System Integration
The Future of Your Business

The bespoke software products we build can be for any reason.

All through necessities gathering, we listen very cautiously to what the customers say. At all stages of program building, we use the naming conventions as defined by the client for the individual methods, capabilities and strategies of operation used in the bespoke software built by our team.

This way of working allows you to lessen the training time to a minimum, and also you get a tool able to not only enhance and automate the operation of the process but fully suit the working methods to which you are accustomed.

  • Cost efficient: our low overheads and efficient software creation tactics allow us to offer competitive prices and deliver the most value to the clients.
  • High retention: the majority of the clients have become our partners and had been with us for years.
  • London based workplace: we can attend regular meetings and requirements accumulating sessions with customers.
  • Use of our own software structure: resulting in a quicker production cycle, stepped forward and entirely documented code, reduction in shipping instances as tasks can be fast started out and without difficulty expedited.

Bespoke solutions can regularly be a more costly choice than buying a product off-the-shelf.

A number of the projects that we've created had been equipped with the capability to permit buyers an easy way to resell the device. Because of this, our customers can experience not only exquisite working programs but also, by recuperating their costs, better return on the investment.

Advanced Solutions

We are capable of integrating modern-day technology with older ones, which have been used formerly by our clients. A system regularly used to supplement full integration is the responsive web interface based on HTML5 and CSS3, through which a consumer can intuitively manage the system from any device.

System integration is all about bringing many exclusive, and regularly diverse, structures together and finding a way to make them operate seamlessly as one. That is why integration may be perceived as a totally complicated process.

Relying on the age of an enterprise, some of the bespoke applications which can be still in everyday use might be over ten years old, while others may be modern-day. Locating an appropriate approach of making these applications communicate to each other is what systems integration is all about.

We specialise in making that process smooth. Regardless of how complex the trouble, our specialists will assist.

Comprehensive: we have more than seven years of experience in systems integration, based on different operating systems and one of a kind protocols, also working with diverse hardware. We're nearby: having a workplace in London, we can ensure flawless communication and regular meetings, at some point of which we can discuss the progress of the work. Cost efficient: wherever possible we will combine your existing structures with suitable interfaces so that there is no need to spend money on new hardware or software.

In relation to the combination of older techs with the advanced developments in it, our engineers provide the expertise, talents and experience to fulfil the most complex integrations.

Clients frequently ask us whether their well-worn software program of an older technology may be used with programs created recently and the answer is yes. Thanks to the comprehensive know-how of our specialists, we provide integration of modern packages with systems which can be many years older.

By optimization of all strategies working in incorporated structures, we are able to create high-quality bespoke software program successfully helping older applications, in spite of the combination of operating structures, systems, and lots of different demanding situations with which we work on a daily basis.

Internal Structures Integration

Successful integration does not simply require professional expertise of a variety of bespoke software programs; it also needs an understanding of hardware and many interface protocols that can be observed in those systems.

Our engineers thrive on finding new ways to solve complex troubles, so no matter your hardware, program, or protocols need to be integrated with a bespoke solution, we would be happy to assist. Why suffer the headache of systems integration yourself when we can do it for you?

Business Intelligence

With regards to making business choices, there are few more effective tools than raw facts. However, it’s not usually very useful in its base shape and regularly requires enormous evaluation in order to be useful.

That’s why the business intelligence services we provide are so priceless to such a lot of companies. We are able to help you examine your information, reduce expenses and identify key savings you have never known about. On top of that, our specialists will also make sure overall statistics consistency – so you and your customers can trust your statistics.

Our team understands the power of information. That’s why we offer customised reports with interactive capabilities consisting of cross-tab sorting, filtering and exporting to PDF and XLS.

Do Not Omit

Whether you have not invested in a bespoke business intelligence yet or you have already had one, the specific service we provide is the best choice for you.

Business intelligence software is not created the same, and there’s always a risk that you’re missing out on making the most of the raw data.

Don’t let hugely valuable possibilities wander away in the centre of complex information: give us a call, and we’ll assist you to plumb the depths for real business gold.

The information is then yours to do with as you want: email it to colleagues, or collaborate online with companions – the selection is yours.

We help you to harness the proper energy of the information regardless of how it is saved, and irrespective of its layout. Our experienced team have dealt with every form of information conceivable and would like to help you make the most of yours.

The Smart Way to Bring Your Ideas to Life


A bespoke software utility that is poorly designed or advanced will cause frustration and exponentially growing upkeep costs and headache through the years. It is why our team members are fanatical about excellence and getting things done in a proper way the first time. We acquire this by the usage of mature coding requirements, standardised technical architecture, test-driven development and regular code reviews.

When we deliver your bespoke products, you will never start from the beginning regardless of how much your necessities alternate.


As the leading IT company, we have delivered over bespoke 250 solutions of varying size and complexity to the companies large and small. We have received considerable experience from coping with all forms of challenges in designing, building, testing and maintenance of these systems.

When you assign us your task, rest assured that it is in safe hands as we will conquer the most difficult technical or commercial issues to deliver the most cost efficient bespoke product for your business.

Trusted IT Partner

Cost Efficiency

Through imparting competitive hourly rates, plus an exceptionally efficient delivery approach, we make sure top value for our clients' money.

In other words, we complete the bespoke projects quicker, and so reduce development time. We do it with the proper quality and so reduce long-term charges.

Project governance

Our company takes project management very seriously due to the fact bespoke software development initiatives are inherently complex and if not controlled closely and effectively can without difficulty go off target. The exceptional project management processes will benefit you in lots of approaches and ensure well-timed delivery.

The experienced project managers pro-actively reveal risks to put off any nasty issues. Additionally, they provide regular complete progress reviews to keep you aware of where things are.

Lengthy-Term Support

We understand how crucial the bespoke software is for your business. It's why our experienced support group specialises in helping and retaining your structures.

Our team provides special support offerings to fit one-of-a-kind clients' desires. But regardless of which upkeep option you select you will benefit from the time-proven technique for managing your requests at once at the same time as providing you with updated info about the progress.

Contact us these days

Our in-house developers are highly experienced in the field of bespoke software and application development, are passionate about our field, and place the top precedence on staying at the cutting edge of trends in the industry. As one of the leading bespoke software developers, we are here for all of your program building wishes. Contact our Customer Department today, and we will help you address your business demanding situations.