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Delivering business software initiatives international to customers from startups to Fortune 500 organisations. A balanced combination of technology competencies and domain understanding of 150+ IT experts, powered by ardour for IT.
Result-Driven Software Services

Our services are aimed at bringing the results you expect precisely when and where you need them

Agile and Responsive

business software development services range from consulting and business evaluation to quality assurance, software renovation and solution integration. The integrated service lines have been shaped by nearly a decade of delivering value to the customers, and are built on a deep knowledge of business strategies and market tendencies, at the side of the technology know-how and software development best practices.
Mature and Flexible

We are fully prepared to supply quality services that take businesses forward, bringing accelerated ROI cost-effectiveness and risk mitigation for the clients, and also full transparency and predictability that are guaranteed by default. Our company is backed by multi-disciplinary software builders, time-established processes, tools and strategies to carry the best level of quality to the growing variety of offerings. At the same time, we are enormously flexible to satisfy the wishes of numerous businesses – from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Software Prototyping Services

Business software prototyping is an ideal choice for refining functionality, detecting capacity troubles and setting proper priorities.

Why prototyping?

Simulate business process automation.

Your software system’s conduct can appreciably affect your business performance. This test verifies that workflows run smoothly and are user-friendly before making an investment into the development.

Reduce development risks

Avoid requirement misunderstandings or conversation barriers before they grow to be sudden losses. Prototyping guarantees that you pay for the functions you need and that they perform precisely the way you need.

Manage investments

Prototyping is an excellent opportunity to shield your business software investments through putting accurate and predictable plans as well as exact deliverable schedules.

What We Do

Static mockups

For conceptual designs and simple systems, we put together a set of interface sketches for task-flows that can help you attain compliance with your vision.

Clickable wireframes

Our team delivers useful prototypes of the business software or application that allows test functionality and take a look at the system with your data samples by making use of a couple of scenario executions.

Requirements control

When you have an idea of future software for your business, our developers can help define, confirm and formalise these requirements.

What We Supply

Static mockups (sketches)
Clickable wireframes
Software Development for Business Growth
Reliable Business Partnership
B2B and B2C Web Portals

The specification should be done as precise as possible to ensure all of the specific elements are blanketed and emphasised. Our devoted and expert quality assurance group guarantees a remarkable quality of the documentation.

When to use?

Always. In case you don’t have certain specifications to the future business software or have a few doubts about the existing systems or outdated structures, our team can assist in the software creation from scratch or examine the documentation to ascertain whether it fits your business and technological needs or not.

A time-saving and cost-effective way to avoid misunderstandings with your developers in the future. We create a static utility model that outlines important functionality features and specialises in core interdependencies between program modules.

When to use?

  • At the initial assignment-planning stage
  • As an intermediate iteration for dynamic prototype
  • As a part of requirements specification
  • For smaller tasks with easy approaches

We create wireframes for business software programs of any complexity. Use our skills and profound experience in app mechanics and business logic modelling to study and cross-check vital software features before the development begins.

Wireframes allow you to:

  • Visualize application conduct
  • Execute different business scenarios
  • Apply for exceptional consumer roles
  • Enhance usability
  • Simulate data processing

Unrivaled expertise in wireframe building enables our team to create realistic and operational prototypes.

Designed interface

Devoted design crew grants upscale GUI on your application at the final stage to offer you an entire look & feel of your future business tool or solution.

Our company is a full-cycle software product development (SPD) group and supports you at any stage of your digital evolution – from initial concept to product implementation, support and maintenance.

Product Leadership

We discover business analysis in software production as a separate area of expertise, focused on extending competencies and facilitating your product management efforts. This enables your supervisor to scale well and focus on essential matters, without being overloaded by a large number of facts from users or different requirements management tasks, and so on.

Focus on Product Excellence

All quality assurance capabilities are dealt with by an impartial QA branch whose sole task is high-quality of your app at its every issue. Independence from the development team ensures you continually get accurate reports of the quality and can make informed choices based on that data.

International Delivery

Our company has transport facilities in the UK, USA, Australia and Russia. Such dispensed, but flat and flexible business structure permits close conversation between your group and our team while improving its efficiency and warding off the complexities of direct management of remote development and QA groups.

Intellectual Property Safety

We have a sturdy focus on a service-based business model. That is one of the foremost points we're building our work around, and it is designed and applied to protect the customers from any competition practices. Sturdy corporate regulations, standards and infrastructure guard your intellectual property against being used by anybody else.

Rich online experience for marketplaces, information & broadcasting, auctions, real estate media & entertainment, social networks.

We Build Stable and Constant Solutions

The unrivalled experience gained in the course of efficiently executed projects permits our team to offer solutions that meet the most requiring market necessities.

  • Secure access to services and content
  • Scalability to assist growing data flows and range of users
  • Easy and dependable functioning with no downtime
  • Brief and finely tuned procedures and user-oriented capability
  • Support of all popular e-commerce structures or third-party payment gateways
  • Smooth catalogue, content material and user control
  • Reporting and data visualisation
  • Effective search tools, adjusted with requirements
  • Real-time notifications
  • File management functions

Domain Know-How


E-commerce portals make sure that your business tasks take advantage of the 24/7 web presence. We build notably efficient B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions, which enable our customers to control product lines, distribute and share data among providers, manufacturers, stores and customers.

  • Online retail
  • B2B and B2C marketplaces
  • Auctions and bidding platforms
  • Advanced reserving programs
  • B2B connectivity portals

Content Management

Our CMS solutions allow you to make your portal an effective conversation, advertising, and sales device through dynamic updating, management and dispensing of your content. Our CMS solutions are aimed at developing scalable and easy to use management tools capable of supporting different websites and languages.

  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Business intelligence and statistics mining
  • Media publishing
  • Data management and collaboration
  • Content distribution networks

Social networking

We focus on creating appealing, easy to use and scalable social software that allows online interaction and networking. We integrate general functionality, modules and factors including personalisation, communication, wikis, blogs, and content sharing with particular applications tailored to the requirements of a specific community.

  • Specialised networks and communities
  • Content alternate and delivery
  • Mobile social networking
  • Social commerce

Digital payments

Our understanding in integrating e-commerce technology permits us to equip your online business product with dynamic capabilities and features, prepare comfortable payment transactions, imparting positive purchasing experience and fostering customer pleasure and retention.

  • Online payment systems
  • Billing
  • Mobile payments
  • Virtual payment gateways

Digital media distribution

We offer growing virtual media shipping solutions and content-wealthy applications. We empower our answers with such features as content material digitisation, encoding, encryption, metadata control, indexing and seek talents, virtual rights manipulate and management.

  • Video/audio streaming
  • Webinars and video conferencing
  • VoIP solutions
  • Video on demand (VoD)

Remote consulting structures

We provide our understanding in developing remote consulting structures which can both efficaciously complement your onsite offerings or be an impartial provider furnished through consumer portal. Remote consulting structures leverage service quality in addition to the capability of your enterprise to serve more customers.

  • Client servicing solutions
  • Helpdesks
  • Knowledge sharing portals
  • Online training and distant learning

Business intelligence

Incredible achievements come from smart choices.

Our team focuses on a seamless integration of ETL solutions and data evaluation tools with the business intelligence and data systems that presently exist in your corporation. We offer comprehensive BI solutions that are highly useful in the understanding of the vital enterprise metrics, help take away waste, and enable more knowledgeable strategic decision-making.

Records warehousing

Low quality (e.g. incomplete, unattributed, disaggregated or out-of-date) statistics cannot be effectively applied for business evaluation. Our company allows to review and calibrate current business processes. We put our efforts on developing smart data warehousing that would enable powerful cross-linking and retrieve the important information from different processing structures, statistics directories, CMS, and many others, securely turning it into a single consolidated database.


A complicated visualisation of acquired outcomes may also run all the way down to nothing the efforts to create an efficient BI device. We provide several alternatives for information visualisation and presentation ( virtual dashboards, charts, diagrams, scorecards, spreadsheets), so you could make the most beneficial use of the deployed abilities and get a clear understanding of your division-or enterprise-level performance.

Analysis & reporting

We provide our experience in constructing effective online analytical processing (OLAP) systems which can be capable of filtering out, analysing and presenting selected statistics at various levels - from initial person-based productiveness signs to standard enterprise performance and offer executives and senior managers complete reviews for insightful decision-making. We cautiously layout specialised evaluation ways that help aggregate records in keeping with precise consumer-defined parameters and deliver comprehensive reports in only seconds! The inbuilt decision engineering module performs real-time evaluation and generates movement eventualities users can engage with (like forecasting, simulations, optimisation algorithms, decision timber, and so forth.) to foresee the results of decisions.

Bespoke BI software

On demand, our professional IT agency develops absolutely custom, especially scalable BI software that connects your personnel to the data-driven decision-making. You can rely on our surprisingly skilled builders, systems architects and independent QA specialists to deliver stable and comfy bespoke BI solution.

  • Triumph over boundaries of tailor-made software
  • Recognise your innovative vision of BI
  • Take benefit of technology synergy

Get on the Path to Your Success

Regardless the scope or complexity of your project, we are here to realise the boldest plans and implement the most advanced technologies to bring your concepts to life. Get your best solution in the shortest terms and bring incomparable value to your business.