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Mobile Presence

The recent technological revolution has changed society for good. Many of daily routine activities can now be done digitally or with some help of smartphones. Although, it won’t be right to deny that life became easier, more automatized and global. Living in such conditions, we are slowly adapting to services being available everywhere on any platform. That is why it is essential to put your mobile product or service on all of them. Develop a unique application with superb design and see for yourself!

Design and Development

When people use apps, they don’t quite understand how complicated the process of creation is. There are multiple stages and dozens of professionals involved since the beginning until the end. Although there is no particular end to various updates, changes in code and optimisation to the newer standards. One app needs designers, programmers, QA testers, consultants, analytics and many more professionals, qualified to produce an outstanding result.

The Importance Of User-Friendly Interface

People are getting used to highly functional solutions. That is why to win in the global marketing arena you have to be deeply concerned about the intuitiveness of your apps’ design. Our professionals know exactly how to draw in potential customers, applying the latest technological innovations and easy-to-use interface. User experience has an immense significance when we begin to talk about development and design.

Advanced Functionality

Naturally, when the aim is to come up with a unique and relevant solution the key to success is the highest level of functionality. It is pointless to have a user-friendly design that is full of bugs and keeps lagging on a daily basis. Don’t forget that mobile development market is flooded with digital solutions for all possible spheres of life and to compete with leading products your app has to check all the boxes.

First-Class Design
True Born Designers
The Way We Do It
Win With Our Designs
Talented Developers = A Unique Product
Opt For A Self-Sufficient Team
Try creating something unique when there are millions of apps of any kind. Seems hard to imagine? Well, we did manage to succeed at reaching this particular goal. Equipped with the latest designing tools and ultimate techniques company’s specialists apply their imagination and skills to every project they receive. To arrive at this point, we eliminated all misdirections in our approach and technical errors, polishing the products to the state of superior excellence.
Application interface takes professionals to design, and for an each app (web or mobile) there is a developer who specialises in a particular type of this design. In our team we have experts in all kinds of software creation, who never stop learning. Our designers are in their element when they build every detail of the interface. They are so used to creating intuitive UI that it seems as though they were born into this profession.
Before the approval of the future design, the developers will proceed with, designers create interactive mockups for the client to choose from and have a basis to make corrections on. All decisions are due to the customer’s reasoning and the design is ready only when the client is fully content with the outcome.
Our professionals are not new to the challenge of the mobile and web application development. We have worked many years to reach the current level of expertise and had a chance to be included in multiple “top development agencies” listings. Just recently our company was ranked in top 10 on Clutch, Business of Apps and a platform for most imaginative and creative designers - Dribbble.
Most of the time people choose developers randomly, without applying their fullest reasoning and neglecting an all-round research. Such an approach can easily backfire as without a proper team there is no efficient solution. Our company is ready to offer outstanding expertise in design and overall production, happily facing a new challenge. We are also extremely considerate of the initial stage of the process - which is clarifying customer’s needs and discussing their ideas. This way it is possible to understand if our company is suitable for the client and vice versa.
It is hard to find a perfect agency, who will be in charge of such an important investment as app design. To find someone who can professionally develop an application from scratch or upgrade the existing digital solution to elevate the whole business is quite a challenge. When the goal is to stand out among the multitude of competitors on the international IT market the solution must be flawless, containing superb features and functionality. Invest your money wisely choosing a team of skilled professionals over the freelance developer, who has no interest in close collaboration.

Select Proper Developers

  • Freelance specialists, who stay on a project till the work is done;
  • Make your a team of developers in your company;
  • Work with an outsource company;
  • Collaborate with a renowned team of experts in design and development, who have worked together for long years and complete each other in many aspects.

A Good Reputation

One of the ways any business can elevate is viable and numerous reviews. The goal is to make yourself visible to the public eye and attain solid and reliable feedback. This is one of the only ways to win trust and be credible to the potential client. Our team have worked hard on it, and know can refer you to dozens and hundreds of relevant and trustworthy reviews, written by real people - our grateful clients.

Working Hand-in-Hand

Positive reviews don't come from anywhere and as a long-established agency we know it by experience. Inviting a client to collaborate with a professional team of specialists guarantees fewer mistakes, less miscommunication and efficient relationships in general. In fact, from the first step of the process, we prepare the client to be fully involved in it unless they are eager to leave the project explicitly to our professional expertise.

Mobile Development Services

To be able to fulfil every possible and challenging request of the audience we deliver superb advice and efficient solution in a wide range of services for all mobile and desktop platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile. We deliver cross-platform and native software, CMS and integrated systems of web and mobile applications. Our specialists write a clear code, using languages, such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc. with MS SQL, MySQL database management systems.

What We Offer: Bespoke Service

  • Web/mobile development;
  • Web/mobile design;
  • Professional expertise;
  • Tests and QA;
  • Usage of the latest languages, libraries and frameworks;
  • Market analysis;
  • Successful marketing strategies, etc.

Challenge Us

Past couple of years were quite intense regarding numerous fields we had to learn about and experience throughout the process. Although it seemed complex at the beginning, with such challenges, our company have grown and mastered each of the development spheres. That is why now, our London based company has an extensive portfolio and knowledge of every imaginable field.
Industries We Have Worked With
  • Enterprise (workflow optimisation on the inside, providing connectivity on the international scale, delivering efficient management tools and design);
  • Transport and logistics (tracking orders, delivery and couriers using GPS);
  • Catering and cooking (food ordering software, recipe guides, etc.);
  • Health and fitness (personal training tools, sleep regulating software, disease monitoring, medicine search);
  • Entertainment and Games (fun and addictive games, digital magazines);
  • Social (various interactive networks, establishing a better connection).
What Happens After App’s Launch
The application had been launched, what is next? Well, the involvement certainly doesn’t stop there as there is plenty more to do. Unfortunately, many of the development agencies drop their products as soon as it appeared on Apple AppStore or Android Google Play Store, but not us. Taking care of digital products after the launch is what we practice with each of the projects. Once the application is all set, it needs to get public attention and get users to experience it to the fullest, attracting them to our first-class software.
Post-Launch Services:
  • Market research and meticulous analysis;
  • Discovering products of client’s competitors and finding ways to outrun them with quality and functional advantage;Discovering products of client’s competitors and finding ways to outrun them with quality and functional advantage;
  • Fixing bugs and possible mistakes, appearing with further updates of operating systems;
  • Updating to the latest versions of OS and testing apps for malfunction;
  • Overall enhancement on customer’s request and according to our expertise;
  • Design optimisation;
  • Investigating received feedback, latest trends and advances in functionality by monitoring IT platforms;
  • Support concerning every question that have to deal with the developed app.
Ways To Promote Your App
As development starts with the current market analysis, it eventually ends with it. The central job after getting the ready product in stores is to access all fields of its promotion. Without consumers knowing about your digital product, there is no way they are going to appreciate its functionality. Therefore, only producing an app with user-friendly design is not enough. Wait till it acquires a solid number of downloads and feedback - then it's time to cheer and congratulate each other on a success!
Best Marketing Advice
Marketing is something that some development and design firms are reluctant about which backfires quite quickly and evidently, when nobody actually uses your software, no matter how great it came out to be. The best way is to approach marketing strategy is with certified professionals, who know the design product and the aims you have, who have worked with you throughout the whole process which may be less than a year or multiple years in production. Employing a team is a definite advantage that results in business flourish.
Staying Relevant
Via analysis and following the latest trends we have in mind what is relevant today and what users need from an app. Most of all, it is important to upgrade your software and listen to the major changes happening in the platform’s policy. As of today, there have been notable changes in iOS and they opted for an upgraded version of the language - Swift 4. So, by doing that they caused programmers to learn a new language and in some cases rewrite the entire applications to have them up-to-date and innovative.
Estimate Your Costs
How much resources, timeframe and costs does it take to create a digital product? Well, it is never clear what the answer is, as it depends on numerous nuances and changes with each step of the process. You will never be given a precise sum of the overall costs at the beginning of the creative process. We can, however, determine the approximate budget of the project, draw a financial plan and take into account some flexible details.

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