Work that make us proud

(Smart design tool with integrated calculating functionality)

Our customer’s company delivers custom-built wooden furniture to their clients, and they decided to create a useful application for his employees that could streamline internal processes and improve customer experience. They wanted to create a design application with calculating functionality. The app peculiarity is that while designer creates a sketch of a piece of furniture, the application sums up all the metrics which user determine, such as length, width, and height of each element, material, accessories which are presented in the catalogue of details, etc. Thus, designers can get a price of a custom-made table, or cupboard or any other piece of furniture they draw, and inform their clients about the cost of their order. Besides, clients can ask designers about changes they want to implement into the sketch and see the results immediately.

Air Room
(A calculating application for the service engineers.)

Our collaboration with an Australian company that provides conditioning equipment resulted in the creation of an efficient calculating tool for iPads. This app helps service engineers to determine the amount of the equipment required for a particular room. We also used PHP to develop the backend that allows users to create a report in PDF and send it to the main office. With this app service engineers can easily work on location entering room metrics such as size, floor and ceiling type, etc. Such tool streamlines company work and encourage faster equipment installation.

(A mobile version of a stylish magazine.)

The publishers that want to keep up with this digital age realise all the importance of online and mobile presence. So did our client when he approached us with an idea to build a mobile application for his magazine. We build a sleek and stylish app from scratch preserving magazine identity and enabling readers to access the latest issues from their iPads. Our team also developed a web admin panel to let the publisher manage the uploads of the magazine.

In-Campus Chat
(A social networking platform for a college students and workers)

One of the American colleges outsourced our services to develop a social networking platform for internal usage within the college campus. The idea was to create a safe and convenient communication channel for students and college staff. All the college employees including professors and other college workers will have their account as well as student, so it will be easy to find anyone within the college. We made possible video calls in the background mode with OpenTok framework so students can utilise this platform for joint projects even being on the opposite sides of the campus.

Productive Day
(A real-time tracking app for an analysing productivity of the working hours)

The app was created using web technologies so it can be used via Safari, Chrome, Opera and other browsers on any mobile device including iPads. We integrated a Time Tracker that allows viewing browser and system histories and monitor users activity during working hours. All the collected data is delivered to the database which can be accessed by users via Administration Panel for further analysing. So our client will always be aware of his employees’ activity during working hours.